Things That People Misunderstood In HYIP

Hello everyone,

hyipToday I want to talk about some things what people who play HYIPs don’t understand, and I know that for some these things can cause loss. I just want to say that there are some things what in this industry are wrong, but administrators still try to point out these things that they are very important for their program.


Some investors think that if the domain is purchased for a longer period, it is better, for example, some may say that it is better when the domain is prepaid for 3 or 5 years instead of just one. It is just a trick, majority of programs today does not survive even half a year and if administration needs he can purchase more anytime. Since for example .com domain name cost something around $ 10 annually you can understand that this amount is very little cost from all development cost of HYIP.

Actual, incorporated company can help to attract newbies to investment project, but in many cases, this certificate can be photoshopped easily because all the data is available from company registrars like Company House in the UK or any similar organization from any other country. Yes, sometimes there is “real” company behind all the activities, but again it means nothing at all because the administration can anonymously incorporate “company” for example in the UK just for few hundreds of pounds. Sometimes the administration even does not need even that much, if the administration has some fake ID’s they register a company for few tens of dollars online even without leaving home.
Hosting & DDoS protection?
This misleads some investors, and they think that if the website is hosted on some expensive hosting provider that HYIP will last longer then some other competitor from the market. It is entirely false because hosting prices in last years has gone down and seems that every administrator is paying the same price these days. Another thing that is worth to mention is that these days several hosting providers has gone to the “dark side, ” and you can read around that funds from projects are stolen, and in many cases, this simply lead to the closure of the project. Such dark hosting provider is, for example,
SSL encryption?
A lot of HYIP websites point out that that the big advantage is that they have SSL certificate installed, but also this means almost nothing. Majority hosting providers that allow hosting an HYIP already provide preinstalled SSL certificates. In real live SSL only provides a secure encrypted connection between you and the website what you are visiting, and it is not a real added advantage. Yes, some websites have “green bar” SSL, but to be honest, it means simply that the administrator has also incorporated company and have paid few hundreds to have “green bar” SSL.
Licensed script?
Almost a half of websites state that their huge advantage is licensed script, but actually, it is not an advantage, I see it more as a disadvantage. Mostly all of the administrators does not have the ability to develop their secure script, so they download HYIP script and put on it some random HYIP design theme. That is the reason why so many HYIP websites look mostly the same. If you spend more time in this industry, you will notice that HYIP projects with custom made scripts usually last way longer and there is a bigger buzz around them.

Countless HYIP monitors?

For sure monitors in the past helped people to find out the best HYIP projects, so generally, some people still think the same. These days good HYIP monitors sadly we can count on the fingers of one hand. There is a lot of HYIP monitor websites what are worth only to post payment proofs on forums, and the biggest part of them is just useless. Sad thing is that each HYIP monitor costs something each day and with the high possibility it is your money that is paid out to monitors. So, long story short – more monitors website have bigger is a possibility that will suck project dry, and it would collapse faster. Yes, some monitors invest their money, but then this HYIP must be well made and must stand out from general industry’s average HYIP. So, take in mind that more monitors HYIP have – more it pays out and it is not okay at all.
With all of this, I just want to say that do not get fooled by things what you see written on the website because in most cases they mean absolutely nothing. In my mind, I think that administrator who pays well is more important than any other information. Of course, you must always look at all of this with your skeptical eye and decide what is truth for you and what is not.