Things to do before HYIP Investments

things-to-doYou must do some basic check list before you become a HYIP investor.

Hyip website has the strong bond between the following things, unique templates, Domain, Script, DDoS Hosting, SSL, Company Certificate and Monitors.

Unique Template: I repeat what you know already, First impression is the best impression. Look of the website must be unique and promising the investors about that you are going to pay. One who choose free template or low cost website template or already used template on website will show him or her as an amateur admin. Those who spend money and time to create the template are trying to pay the investors for at least few weeks or months. Also the website must have some content which is related to his concept or how they are going to earn money to pay investors.

Domain: This is not much important to worry about. Domain name can anything be, no need a fancy or impressive one, investors will remember once they used to it. But domain name related to their website concept is appreciable, at least we know they spent some time to think about it to make professional. And also domain registration for 1 year or more than a year will not make much sense.

Licensed Script: This part is one of the most important part. There are two kinds of scripts available in market. One is Custom script and another one is Licensed script.  You may know most of the huge projects are come with custom script and it will stay for long time even years. We believe Custom script admin will spent 1000’s of dollars to make it and also have huge money in hand before launching project. So they will not close with in few fay of launch. Licensed scripts are few in the market, those projects also some times take long run. More than 90 percent of the websites are come with any one of the Licensed script. Now am point out the important thing to you, which is nulled scripts, those who have just few 100 dollars can make a HYIP website with this nulled script. And am sure they will not stand for a weeks, because they will not have backup money to pay investors, so please be aware of those.

DDoS Hosting & SSL: HYIP website must have these two. Because protection is must for investors and admins. In which also have some costly plans per month and also some have reliable plans. DDoS will help website from hackers. SSL is almost installed in HYIP Websites, here also some kinds of SSL which will protect from basic level o most secured level. Its just a secured encrypted connected between you and admin of the website while dealing with E-currency. Now a days many players will install the EVSSL which is extended validation SSL certificates. This need some documentation to get not easy like SSL.

Company Certificate: Not all HYIP admin’s  interested in these. Because this also nothing important to HYIP but somehow its an added advantage. Any can get these certificates for few pounds from UK or any other country. We can see both long run (big Scams) and short run (small scams) may have or not of this any certificate. So again i am saying you have to be aware.

Monitors:  Last but not least, Past time peoples used to invest on HYIP websites with the help of these monitors, but right now there are 1000’s of monitors around the world, in which they are favorable to admin at some points and few are the trusted ones. Please follow Trusted monitors to monitor the site which are paying or not. Most of the monitors are here to get only referral commission and they not useful to both Investors and also HYIP admins. Now a days social media is playing a vital role. Please read comments on the monitors those who enabled social plugins on  their website or some where. Because monitor status says paying but there it self people complaining that they are not getting payouts.


That’s it for now. You must have well knowledge to earn from HYIP website. Just do some case study before investing on the program. Investors must have paying admins not the all the above things is enough to believer them which i mentioned above. Remember this WAIT, LISTEN then PROCEED. All the best !