How to start successful HYIP website ?

How to start successful HYIP website

Good day! Hope you all doing well, today I will share my knowledge on how to start a successful High Yield Investment Program called HYIP.

Better Knowledge: I always advice you to get knowledge about the HYIP before you start to built your own Website. I don’t mean that you have knowledge on creating HYIP Website. There are many providers will deliver you HYIP website package from $499 more or less
but choose the better one many scam peoples are saying that they are doing HYIP websites. Before starting to build HYIP website, you should know What is HYIP? , How to create HYIP Website?  And how it’s functioning.

Anonymous:  All Investors know website will stop paying one day and no HYIP admin will pay lifelong. So protect yourself, find at least 2 VPNs or proxies, if one is down then use second.  It’s not must but for added safety or else use your naked internet.  And also you will never reveal your real name, email id, or phone number and location etc,

E-currency Accounts: Create your online e-currency accounts. Get verified if possible not with your real documents, if you have fake documents do it. Else get here verified e-currency accounts for HYIP. You have to create business account then investors send you payments they see your business name not your real name. Not one e-currency is enough to accept payments, because some investors don’t have e-currency what you mentioned and they cannot able to invest. So use at least 3 e-currency accounts. You may also check Most popular e-currencies in 2016 for hyip investments

Backup E-currency Accounts: From this e-currency account you are not going to pay or receive money from investors, it’s just a back up to you. Accounts you used for receiving and paying payments on your HYIP website will be transferred to these backup accounts. It’s just an added safety option.  You can skip this step, but your main account is compromised, then you will lose all your funds.

Keep enough funds before launch:  You need money before launching the website, for promotions or paying monitors or at initial stage you have to pay from your hand to investors. Total cost to develop HYIP website will be $500 then keep $500 more for after launch.  So you must have at least sum of $1000 before get in to this business.

Concept for HYIP Website:  This will keep on change on certain period. Right now bitcoin is famous all around the world, so many HYIP admin will use this as a concept of bitcoin mining, bitcoin trading etc.,  Standard concept is forex, stocks, trading , mining etc., Learn and get knowledge related to you concept on this business.

Investment Plans:  It plays vital role to be a success on HYIP Program. Yes investment plans must be reasonable and payable to investors. Low profit percentage and too much of high profit percentage will never get investments. So choose the plans which are used in current situation trends.

For example:

1% daily for 30 days

2.5% daily for 90 days

5% daily for 180 days etc.,

These plans will not return principle at end. To make plan to return principal at end of time period then you have to make some low percentage program, otherwise you will not survive for few months even.

Paying to Monitors: After launch of your own HYIP website, it will not visible or identify by investors, Monitors will make your website to reach more investors. Monitors will refer you investors, once your program doing well then direct investors will come. So for the referral you have to give them a referral commission to them. So plan either dingle level referral commission 3% or 4% or 5% not more than this then you are paying too much funds as referral commission and you cannot able to pay your investors.  May be there are more than hundreds of monitors, but not all monitors will refer you, I can say only 10 – 15 monitors really have huge visitors and followers. So be with that number.

Scam Status:  One fine day your website will be at scam list, that fine day is decided by you. Pay to your investors until satisfied with good money you earned. Otherwise you don’t have too money and you going to face severe loss then that’s the time to stop paying your investors.

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Good luck to make a good profit with your own HYIP Website Program!