How to prevent yourself from HYIP hackers

HYip hackersPrevent HYIP hackers. On this well established technical world hackers spread around everywhere.  Each internet user may or may not face the problem with hacking. They steal your personnel data and use it to withdrew your money from online investments. They attacks either websites or investors.

For website admin: You must be very conscious in these issues. They attack your website and make it down on the internet. So no one will access your website, after the attack happens they will email you for blackmailing to get money to restore the service. Or some HYIP hackers attack your website to steal money from you e-currency account.

Even some hackers are there, they will inject some script on your website and make deposit to your investment program and get earnings from that and withdrew the money.  You must have DDoS Hosting and SSL to prevent this. But even they can hack your website. I will explain some comments steps to taken to avoid these hackers. Follow the instructions provide by your script admin and hosting admin to avoid these hackers.

For Investors: You no need to take more care about HYIP hackers for who attacks websites. But anyhow you have indirectly related to website once you invested money. So you must choose DDoS hosting and SSL enabled website. And below i will explain some common steps to avoid being hacked.

Passwords: Hacking password is the first and easy way to the hackers to get into your personnel account. Just using your “mobile number” or “qwerty” or “111111” like this they can easily hack. You must use some extra combinations with alpha number and strings. You have to use minimum length of password is 8.

For example theses kind of passwords are rare to decode “Tx6)$Qj&!yMr<”. Also you must not use same kind of password to multiple accounts. Worst password will broken easily. Also don’t save your password which is easy to access by someone.

Additional Verifications: In this modern era many website providing additional verifications, which is good to use. They may ask SMS code or secret questions which is must to use, don’t neglect it.

Public Internet Wifi: Many people’s are happy to use public wifi but this is also lead to hacking, you may not access your accounts on these free service. Experts are constantly discovering vulnerabilities in routers of the restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public places.

Payment Processing on non-verified websites: Websites must have https to accept online payments. You never invest in HYIP website those who are not providing SSL and DDoS Hosting. One should always check for the Https protocol and the lock sign shown as green in the address bar of the browser. Any website, accepting payments without those markers is a risky thing to take, for being subject to hackers attacks to a great extent.

Dangerous e-mail attachments: Its an another easy way for hackers to inject viruses on your PC. Never open any e-mails from unknown senders, as well as the files attached with strange names, you were not expecting to receive even if the sender seems to be your familiar person. Such documents and attachments may contain viruses, which are installed independently to your PC and lead to unexpected effects.

Those are not all the rules of course; however knowing these ones and following them will give you more chances to stay safe from harm when surfing online and dealing with HYIP Investments especially.So you must take of your self to Prevent HYIP hackers.